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My mother

Mom,it's really hard for me to find the write card for you

Long verses with flovory word


The headline of NEWS !!


Inside Job

Woman caught carrying drugs


Sao Paulo - A south African woman was arrested in Brazil on May 29 as she was checking in for a flight to Europe. She was hiding nearly a kilogramme of cocaine in her body.

X-rays confirmed that the woman had capsules containing the drug in her stomach and rectum. She underwent surgery to remove the drigs. The woman faces international drug trafficking charges and could be sentenced to 15 years in prison - AFP


Kind of News : Crime

How about my idea to feeling of this : I think it's bad things. I don't like this dotng

Why I choose this news : Because it's has a lot of lesson to teaching the people.








I've found another blog teaching English!

Do it best!!

with best wishes

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